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We allow you focus on your business!

  • Do you have paperwork piling up?
  • Do you find there are not enough hours in the day to get everything finished?
  • Is there a special project you have not found time to get started on?
  • Do you need a secretary, but cannot afford one?
  • Do you find yourself wishing for reasonably-priced, quality work, but not finding it?
  • Are you trying to do it all?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, Support4Business can help!

juggling businessmanOne of the biggest challenges for small business owners is trying to juggle all the “dirty work”…the stuff that needs to get done, but does not bring in any income. Unless you can find a friend or family member to help out, there is rarely enough profit in the growth stage to afford hiring a secretary. And even if you could find a way to pay for a part-time secretary, the caliber could be questionable.

My desire is for you to keep doing the work that brings in income, and I will help to fill-in with the office work – word processing, correspondence, bookkeeping, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, web design & hosting, etc. And since you only pay me when you need me, it can save you lots of expense. When you have a few moments to spare, please visit my links to learn more about my experience, the resources and services available, and a portfolio of other work performed. I even have some helpful tidbits available on my advice page. And when your ready to stop juggling, contact me at (208) 464-1088 or by email so we can discuss how I can help you succeed.

What Makes Us Different

We rise above our competitors for a variety of reasons, including:


We offer affordable business support solutions, as we have low overhead.


We strongly believe in the age old-adage, “our word is our bond.” If we say it, we mean it.


We pay attention to all the little details, ensuring our work is correct and exactly what the client wants.

Our Partners

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