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Financial Literacy
Sep 04, 2017

Dave-RamseyWant to learn more about financial literacy? How to get out of debt, and save for retirement? As Dave Ramsey says, “Live like no one else now so later you can live like no one else.” I first used Dave Ramsey’s curriculum while my son was still in high school, and it was life-changing. We still review the DVD’s regularly, to help remind us of our savings goals.

I am still working on my baby steps, but I know my son, recently out of college, has a much better financial foundation. He started his Roth IRA at 16, and now starting his first job, he is saving 10% of his income in investments. He is debt-free, and able to start-off his life right.

A couple of my favorite Dave Ramsey online resources are the Drive Free, Retire Rich video and the Investment & Retirement Calculator. I visit the links regular to remind me of my savings goals. I also use a Snowball Calculator to help me stay on the track for debt-free living. Right now, I am on track to be entirely debt-free, including my mortgage, within three years.

No matter where you are on your financial literacy journey, Dave Ramsey has resources to help. Dave even has an entrepreneurial leadership website, EntreLeadership, to help you succeed with your business. We recommend taking the first step today toward being money wise, both in your personal and professional life. Click the link below to see the hundreds of resources available.

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