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Sep 03, 2017

RingCentral is amazing! Since the days of dial-up, we have been with RingCentral to catch landline calls while online. And even now that we have high-speed Internet in our rural area (but no cell service yet!), we still rely heavily on the awesome features offered with RingCentral small business cloud-based phone system. And we are not even using half of the features available! It offers a wealth of tools, perfect for my small business, at an affordable cost:

  • Voicemail
  • Call forwarding
  • Various extensions
  • Customized “hold music”
  • Fax
  • Computer and mobile device apps
  • Much more…

It works perfectly in our “landline world,” even allowing us to use it for all of our long-distance calls. But, RingCentral is fully-setup to be used as a VOIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol). We cannot say enough about it…it simply works perfectly!

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