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As a small business owner, there are so many IRS tax due dates to remember, and forgetting can cost you in penalties and interest. If you use QuickBooks or Microsoft Outlook, the software can alert you to upcoming due dates. If you do not use a software, you can setup a manual calendar or spreadsheet to assist. (Physically writing things down, with pen and paper, helps me remember better, as mentioned in my post, Quick & Easy Organizational Tips.)

Or, you can use the IRS Tax Calendar for Businesses & Self-Employed. This handy calendar can be personalized, depending on which taxes you are responsible for submitting. It also has the option to add tax events to a calendar program, allowing you to download the events to your device calendar. I would also recommend adding a shortcut to the calendar page on your browser toolbar, or better yet, have the calendar page automatically open when you start your browser, so it is always in front of you. Reminders do not work, if you do not see them.

While you are on the IRS website, take some time to peruse the Small Business & Self-Employed Tax Center. There are many helpful links for setting-up and managing your small business. In addition to forms and guides, there are also videos and webinars. If you need assistance with any IRS topic, remember the resources provided by the Small Business Administration, or consult your tax professional. Support4Business can also assist with completing forms and taxes, so feel free to contact us.

Taxes are never a pleasant topic, but by staying informed and on top of your due dates, it can be less painless.

Until next issue…Best wishes in your endeavors!

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